Essay Writing And Opinion Surveys

When you have essay topic and how you speak against it you’ll have to think of a strategy what are the points that go against that no man should have the option people should have the freedom to exercise their options and then you talk against it so I would like you to work in pairs and solve this solve this as in write an argument a good cohesive argument against making math compulsory for all at high school level I would like your mentors to guide you on that right at least one paragraph and if you do not have mentis please work with your friends and attempt to write a paragraph discuss your answers here is a sample exercise for you please look at it in many countries we find an increasing number of old age homes some people feel this is the right thing to do discuss now here is an argument given against we must care for parents who cared for us.

They have spent their whole lifetime for us and it’s our responsibility to care for them in turn we are now busy to work at high position because of them if they haven’t spent I’m sorry about this contraction you ignore it we are not supposed to use contractions or contracted form in formulas if we can’t have this life now if we care for our parents now then only our children will care for us your exercises to write an argument supporting old-age home the argument here is against I would like you to write an argument supporting now see personal thoughts or personal ideas and beliefs do not matter in a critical analytical way many a time these topics are given to you not to test your personal ideology perhaps 90% 99% of us here would be against the concept of old-age homes that does not matter the essay wants you to discuss so you have to talk foreign against you cannot say that I had nothing against it ok the idea is to test your ability to discuss therefore you are in a in an exam like situation and therefore you are supposed to do some kind of a research perhaps out there there are people who speak for it.

So go get their opinions as well if it’s a survey kind of a topic but if it’s just an essay that tests your written English then please look at the verb here the key verb here in the question is discussed that means you have to discuss it when and thoroughly and covering every angle taking a position like I’d have nothing against I have nothing to say for or in support of establishing old-age homes is going to weaken the overall the way you have written or addressed your essay now here is another topic for you please look at this slide I would like you to compose an essay on globalization I am NOT asking you for and against but just globalization that’s your topic and these are the keywords that I want you to write in your introduction only please look at this mr. Woltz goods and services knowledge and ideas phenomenon business development global marketplace you cannot only culture politics.