Why You Should Fall in Love With Edusson

The entire curriculum for the popular “Scary Good Writing” course, A Zombie Wrote my Narrative Essay with is now available including reteach lessons! Great to get your reluctant writers interested in writing lessons. Most teachers find that their students actually ask them to do the lessons!

Course Description
Butterflied must teach the gravedigger that buried him how to write an imaginative narrative essay, but how does he do it when Bone fish Burrows is the worst writer in the world? Find out in this hilarious and effective course that teaches the essential skills students need to write narrative Edusson essays that reflect the Common Core Standards for writing narratives. This course covers:

Sensory Words: Writing with the five senses.

Adjectives: Choosing just the right description.

Interjections: Wow! Interjections!

Adverbs and Know Nothings: When and when not to use adverbs. Making sound work.

Metaphors and Similes: Create emotion through figurative language.

Movies of the Mind: How to know instantly if you are showing instead of telling.

CPR and Conflict: Using “CPR” to organize your story while making it exciting to read.

Wondrous Whatif: Come up with great story ideas in no time.

Grabbers: Grab attention, arouse curiosity so the reader wants to read more.

Naming Characters: What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

Three Howies: The secrets to creating great characters.

Revision: How to use SNOT to keep the reader glued to the page.

Five Paragraph Essays can be intimidating for students and really are not that hard! This product is a fantastic resource to walk budding writers through the process Edusson argument in an engaging manner. There are two levels of support. First, there is a VERY detailed and step by step guide to each component of the essay. Once a student gains confidence, or if you have the need to differentiate, there is a second resource that offers less support but still includes a format for structure.