Interpretations In Research Paper

The human mind will always be able to sort through things but like it is not so helpful to actually bring some exempt but like do some searches for them and show them what you get and that’s why or three or later you know like they you know if you do a search on King David you know most of this stuff and then just go through the sights and sound that looks looks okay but then if you start looking at okay what is this website who produces it and then you start seeing okay maybe these people have you know maybe the Church of Latter day Saints had some you know those terior motives of why they’re presenting can David this way and I’ve actually asked a question sighs yeah he’s discussed discussed it and interpreting different interpretations so so these are the problems but I think I think we gotta start. Read more on interpretations at Edusson.

So I’d like to introduce a vocabulary and happily for helping for to help students understand how to use sources and what sources honor I don’t know if it’s a useful vocabulary but I found it to be a MVM system and so primary primary sources secondary primary sources primary secondary sources the secretary second mrs. so a lot you through it I think all of these are and I mean obviously I’m not telling you this is how you all should run your paper isms I’m saying this is a potential way to put to to to friend and for students so that they can sort of see what they ought to be doing to be creative also I want to focus on this concept of free writing exercises there is a there is a there is a who’s who’s I guess I can pass this around this is a terrific book it’s called writing without teachers if the title is funny because he makes the argument that well you can run yourself you can run a devious you can teach yourself so the student can teach himself or herself got the teeth but the teacher really requires a student so we had the relationship of dependency is actually the teacher requires the student so this is the basic line for for this for this particular book.

You want to encourage quantity over quality first want to be over quality first get so hung up on whether we’re ready what’s right right you need to be able to even put the words in the right order or trying to try out different ways of phrasing things don’t go back into we don’t go ahead don’t you know just just right you didn’t write with by hand I think this was up and I don’t think there were computers around so it’s all the vocabulary to use this has to do with like the hand the pen right I think is really not adhering that was so easy to backspace and it tells you when you’ve written read no worry you can turn spellcheck attorney spells your grammar text is a quantity of our quality and can turn the concern the project of writing.