Quick Lamp Update

Recently I took a stroll through the home decor section just to see what they had.  Sometimes I will see something at a store and it give me an idea for my home or some sort of inspiration.  Unfortunately I didn’t leave empty-handed like I had planned to.  This guy caught my eye with his bright red clearance sticker.

And because he was marked down to $8.68 from $28.99 I had to take him.  (Actually I took two just in case I could find a use for a second one but ended up just returning it).

Originally I was thinking about using the shades on nightstand lamps on either side of my bed but hadn’t really thought it through since the white shade would just get lost in front of the white blinds on the windows that flank the bed. So my second option was to update the shade on an old drafting table that I use for scrapbooking and miscellaneous stuff. Eventually I may start using this as a desk as well instead of the dining room table!

I love the lamp, I just wasn’t crazy about the shade.  It was actually the lamp that was in my daughter’s room when she was a baby.  The soft pink and bell shade looked fitting in there, not so much in my family room as I tend to lean much more modern than this (not to mention that there isn’t any pink in the room).

I love the dimension that this shade has and the modern feel complements the acrylic base nicely.  It looks much more like it was put there intentionally instead of being a lamp I just stuck there because I didn’t have anywhere else better to place it.

So this is what it looks like now.  Pretty soon I plan to update some of the pictures in the frames and actually get them up on the wall and I’m working on a little desktop storage piece as well.  One day I will upgrade to a real desk too but for now at least these little steps are moving me in the right direction.