Thesis in Your Essay

Remember I talked about the order you can organize your thoughts before you write the paper because it’s harder to get rid of words right then when we start with a skeleton because remember this will be like one to three words I’m going to demonstrate quite quickly at the end how we would do a very quick intro all right now finally now you’ve got your grabber in your topic and you’ve got your reasons for it you’ve told me what you to talk about you got my attention but you haven’t told me what you’re arguing why are you talking about this why is this important to me this comes down to low and most important.

And yet fundamental parts of writing in English the thesis there we go the thesis comes look lost but sometimes it’s first the reason why or what I want you to believe what I want you to understand what I want you to change your mind to okay now if you’re doing saying you’re selling something is the reason why you should buy my product okay my product is a car this is what’s good about it but ultimately this is why it’s the best and why it’s the best now thesis to write a thesis can be most difficult can be or we can make it simple.

One of the easiest ways to do it is well if you’ve got a topic do you like it or don’t you like it positive or negative do I support it am i against it once you figure that out it’s not that hard to write a thesis because the next stage we’re going to go to is ww v is who what where when why and okay that’s what that tiny thing that you’re not supposed to see because it’s not really a W but you know how are you is a question right it’s an information question we need to draw information what we’re going to do here is we start with a topic and we started doing the W fives like why is it important who is affected by it when was it invented where would you find it this kind of thing we start with a question it gives us a question about the subject itself.

Now what we can do from that once we’ve decided we want to be positive or negative and we have aw we flip this get rid of it literally when we do questions in English we have how are you and then we can flip it around and say okay good idea what were you what do you like we get rid of it we flip it around go I like this right so we flip a question into a statement first by taking the verb in the subject and flipping them and you can say boom boom boom good example well I like fighting right who is affected by fighting right we might say who is affected by fighting you’re strong statement everyone because the answer will predict your strong statement so when we go from the question we get an answer and we make that the strong statement.